January 2013 Archive

Bradley Manning

Transparency isn’t Treason: New York Times Journalists Criticize “aiding the enemy” Charge

By Nathan Fuller: Last week in Fort Meade, MD, government prosecutors said that if PFC Bradley Manning had released documents to the New York Times instead of WikiLeaks...

Man overlooks school in Nakba refugee camp

Roger Cohen’s Blight: “Liberal Zionism”

By Yousef Munayyer: In a recent article I wrote about Chuck Hagel on the Zionist nature of the overall discourse around Israel and Palestine in the United States...

Right of Return

“There Is In History No Right of Return”

By Norman G. Finkelstein: Bemoaning the “perennial victimhood” of Palestinians, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen declared in yesterday's edition, “there is in history no right of return”...

Mississippi River

NYT Leaves Readers High and Dry on Causes of Mississippi Drought

By Jim Naureckas: Another example of a major news outlet reporting the effects of climate change without mentioning climate change–this time the New York Times.

Social Security

Latest Scare Talk on Social Security Is No Cause for Alarm

By Paul N. Van de Water: Social Security’s financial projections receive periodic criticism — either for being too optimistic or too pessimistic.

Zero Dark Thirty

NYT on Zero Dark Thirty

By Michael M'Gehee: By now most readers are acquainted with the hullabaloo that is coming out over the CIA-Hollywood movie "Zero Dark Thirty"...

Occupied Palestine

Raised on Hatred

From Eugene Schulman: Editor, I must take exception to the essay by Ayaan Hirsi Ali which appears in your op-ed pages, "Raised in Hatred, IHT, January 18, 2013"...