January 2013 Archive

Ecocidal Austerity

By Costas Panayotakis: A recent article by Suzanne Daley scratches the surface of the catastrophic environmental implications that Greece’s brutal austerity program has had.

Healthcare and the Profit Motive—Do They Work Well Together?

By Trudy Lieberman: Eduardo Porter asks a big question in the Times...

Missing in Action: Growth and Shared Prosperity

By Lawrence Mishel: Two articles in the Sunday New York Times, appearing side-by-side, together told the fundamental truth that our current discussion of economic policy ignores...

The High Price of Being Single in America

By Lisa Arnold and Christina Campbell: In October 2009, New York Times reporters Tara Siegel Bernard and Ron Lieber compared a hypothetical married couple with an equivalent-earning unmarried gay couple...

Technology Killed Courtship. Good Riddance.

By Amanda Hess: In the New York Times this weekend, reporter Alex Williams mourns “The End of Courtship.” Texting is to blame for dating’s demise. “Instead of dinner-and-a-movie, which seems ...

Paul Krugman Hits Jon Stewart-And Now Jon Responds

By Greg Mitchell: A couple years back, I conducted a very unscientific survey here on Nation readers’ most admired media hosts, commentators and writers.

The Heat is on as the New York Times Closes its Environment Desk

By Kate Sheppard: The paper risks much by folding its environment desk – just at the moment when climate change has never been more pressing.