January 2013 Archive

MLK Birmingham Jail

How the New York Times Screwed Martin Luther King Jr.

By Timothy Noah: Harvey Shapiro would have likely preferred to be remembered as a poet, and perhaps also as one of the better editors of the New York ...

Unemployment in Greece

EU Austerians Rely on US Stimulus to Bail Them Out of Recession

By William K. Black: The New York Times’ web version ran a story yesterday morning entitled “Unemployment Continues to Climb in Euro Zone.”

Our Rape Vs. Theirs

Their Rape and Ours at the NYT

By Michael M'Gehee: One of the more revealing aspects to any propaganda system is the differentiation between us and them. When a media system, especially a large one like The New York Times, who has an international reach...

Whats a Dog For

NY Times Buries Serious Book About Dog Obsession, but Treats Editor’s Puppy Book as Great Lit

By Ron Howell: I recall that toward the beginning of her book The Puppy Diaries, Times top editor Jill Abramson mentioned a New York Magazine article by John Homans, which was titled ...