November 2012 Archive

Abbas’ Useless Resolution

By Eugene Schulman: Over the past few days we have read in the New York Times, and elsewhere, about David Cameron, Britain's prime minister, declaring support for Palestine being accepted as non-member observer state in the UN General Assembly.

A New “New Cold War” in the Mideast?

By Ira Chernus: Just when we thought it was safe for Americans to go out in a democratizing Middle East … Well, I guess we stopped thinking that a while ago. But now a lead story on the front page of the New York Times makes it official.

Times Bureau Chief in Jerusalem Will Now Have Her Facebook Entries Edited

By Glenn Greenwald: While in Gaza reporting on the recent Israeli attack there, Judi Rudoren, the Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times, wrote several Facebook entries that caused substantial controversy. The episode began when she wrote a Times article on the funeral of the Dalu family, ten of whom (including several small children) were killed when an Israeli bomb destroyed their house...

Please, Herr Krugman, May I Have Another? How America’s Favorite Liberal Stokes German Masochism

By Cameron Abadi: When Germans vote in next year’s national election, they will have the choice between two candidates who hold the distinction of having been repeatedly insulted by Paul Krugman.

Thomas Friedman Has Some Dumb Ideas About Who Should Be Secretary Of State

By Jason Linkins: As most of you may know, Hillary Clinton will be stepping down from her current position as the U.S. Secretary of State, and ...

NY Times Editor Jill Abramson Distances Newsroom From In-House Criticism of New CEO

By Lucas Shaw: New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson distanced herself from her paper’s recent critiques of new CEO Mark Thompson on Tuesday, telling Business ...

Petition Calls Out NYT Art Critic for Racist and Sexist Framing

By Jorge Rivas: A new petition is demanding the New York Times “acknowledge and address” a Times art critic’s recent reviews that have compared women and black artists ...

Responding to New York Times Public Editor’s Smear Against Me

By Ali Abunimah: Dear Ms. Sullivan, As public editor of The New York Times, your role, as I understand it, is to advocate for the interests of readers and to be an arbiter of accuracy.