November 2012 Archive

On the Road with Deficit Hawks

By Marie Burns: In what the New York Times presents as a straight news story appearing on the front page of both the paper and the ...

For Fairness and Job Creation, the Buffett Rule is a No-Brainer

By Ethan Pollack: Warren Buffett wrote a great New York Times op-ed in which he illustrated the ridiculousness of the claims that higher tax rates on the rich will cause them to forego profitable investments.

NYT Waves Goodbye to Three Amigos of Militarism

By Peter Hart: Not every politician gets a warm and fuzzy retirement profile in the New York Times. But not every politician is Joe Lieberman.

Bruni Mocks Norquist, Then Pimps His Line!

By Bob Somerby: Breaking -- Grover has won! Like Frank Bruni, we happen to know Grover Norquist a small tiny tad.

Noblesse Oblique

By driftglass: In yesterday's New York Times, David Brooks explains why no one should judge David Brooks and why it is useless to try to change David Brooks' bad behavior...

NYT Editor No Longer Attends Page One Meetings

By Lauren Indvik: The New York Times it is a-changin’. One sign? Executive Editor Jill Abramson no longer attends the paper’s page one meetings, she disclosed on stage ...

How Europe Can Untie The Palestine-Israel Knot

By Martin Cohen: How and why the New York Times frames the Middle East conflict in US government terms.

Is Hamas Really a ‘Surrogate’ of Iran?

By Robert Wright: Is Hamas a puppet of the Iranian regime? An affirmative answer to this question is, from the point of view of Bibi Netanyahu, a ...

‘NYT’ Predictably Comes Under Attack for Reporting Israel Targeted Journalists in Gaza

By Adam Horowitz: New York Times media reporter (and erstwhile movie star) David Carr is being criticized by Israel supporters for his column yesterday claiming Israel intentionally targeted journalists during its recent ...

‘NYT’ Public Ed. Responds to My Piece on ‘Disgraceful’ Caption for Gaza Photo

By Greg Mitchell: On Sunday, I wrote a piece here about a top-of-the-front-page New York Times photo that morning by the great Tyler Hicks. The caption merely mentioned that these Gaza school kids had found their school “closed” with no explanation why. Then it jumped to a reference to an “emboldened” Hamas.

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