November 2012 Archive

Stop the Drones

Obama Administration Pushes Ahead With Drone Killings

By Patrick Martin: According to a report published Sunday on the front page of the New York Times, the Obama administration is pushing ahead with plans to ...

Carlos Latuff 2012

No Absence of Malice: Whitewashing the White House Murder Program

By Chris Floyd: On Sunday, the New York Times -- the paper of record, the bellwether by which all "serious" American media sets its compass -- published a story about the Obama administration's efforts to codify its "extrajudicial killing program" before the election. The aim, we were told, was to make sure there were "clear standards and procedures" in place to keep the death squads going, even if the president lost the election.


Obama Administration Was Not Willing to Trust Romney with a Secret Kill List

By Kevin Gosztola: The administration of United States President Barack Obama feared they might lose re-election and in the weeks before Election Day began to develop ...

Breast Cancer Screenings

The New York Times Continues Its Campaign: Breast Cancer Screenings Cause More Harm Than Good

By Kate Randall: In an opinion piece in the November 21 edition of the New York Times, H. Gilbert Welch, M.D., M.P.H., writes that regular mammography screenings ...


Why Americans Don’t Understand the Middle East (Round 2)

By Stephen M. Walt: Now that the dust has settled in Gaza, permit me a brief comment on the way the conflict was covered here in ...

Exile and the Prophetic: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Self-Constructed Hologram

By Marc H. Ellis: Thinking about ‘A Phony Hero for a Phony War’ – the title of an Op-Ed by Lucian Truscott for the New York Times last week. It’s a biting commentary on David Petraeus. Reading it I couldn’t help but think of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mark Thompson

Ex-BBC boss Entwistle faces Savile inquiry – but heat stays on NYT’s Thompson

By Noel Young: The Pollard Inquiry into the Jimmy Savile affair resumes today in a London solicitor's office with George Entwistle, the 54-day ex Director General ...

Cover Article

NY Times Warns On Climate Change: ‘Fear Death By Water’, Rising Seas Likely To Swallow Up City If We Don’t Act Soon

By Joe Romm: The NY Times (finally) goes apocalyptic on climate change...