November 2012 Archive

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson Gives Evidence to Nick Pollard Investigation Into Newsnight

By Dan Sabbagh: Mark Thompson has flown to London to give evidence to Nick Pollard inquiry into the handling of Newsnight's aborted investigation into sexual abuse by the late Jimmy Savile, taking a couple of days of enforced leave from his new job as chief executive of the New York Times.

Stock Market

Are World Financial Markets Talking to the NYT?

By Dean Baker: If they are, the paper should charge more for its subscriptions. Come on folks, a sentence that tells readers: "once the target numbers are settled, negotiators ...

Alan Dershowitz

A Moral Course: Alan Dershowitz Defends Targeted Assassinations

By Peter Warren: Never one to shy away from an opportunity to defend murder carried out by Israel’s army, Alan M. Dershowitz has thrown his tuppence-worth ...

Thomas Friedman

US Engagement Fostered Rogue Israeli Policies, But Tom Friedman Can’t Say So

By Mark Braverman: In his New York Times column of Nov 11, “My President is Busy,” Tom Friedman tells Israelis not to count on the U.S. government to ...