November 2012 Archive

Gazans Aspire To Martyrdom And Lead Such Limited Lives They Have Less To Lose Than Israelis — NYT’s Rudoren

By Philip Weiss: Jodi Rudoren, the New York Times correspondent who has been in Gaza for several days now, has an active Facebook page on which she has lately posted some critical observations about Palestinian culture that are reminiscent of Mitt Romney's comments last July that got the former Republican presidential candidate in such hot water.

Peter Diamond Advocates For Getting Rid Of Democracy

By Jon Walker: It is amazing to watch how desperate some of the so-called “deficit hawks” are to cut Social Security and Medicare. Peter Diamond wants to see these programs cut so badly that he is effectively advocating we sacrifice the core principles of democracy just to make it happen.

As The Discourse Shifts, ‘NYT’ Stays Rooted In The Past (The 1800s To Be Exact)

By Nima Shirazi: “The only way to stop this evil is for the red man to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the ...

The NYTOnIt Account is Hilarious. Shame the Times Can’t Take a Joke

By Jeff Jarvis: It's sad that the Times' lawyers should have gone after what is clearly fair comment – and perhaps sadder that Twitter caved in.

New York Times Parody Account Restored to Twitter After Outcry

By Adam Gabbatt: Newspaper's lawyers object to use of trademarked logo – but Twitter users object to lawyers taking away a favorite joke.

The New York Times’ Murdoch Moment

By Felix Gillette: Why is Mark Thompson increasingly reminding us of James Murdoch? Not long ago, Thompson and Murdoch were rivals of sorts. Murdoch was the head of News International in London. Thompson was the head of the BBC. Sometimes they took turns criticizing each other’s media operations in public.

In Defense of Irony

By Alexandra Brodsky: Christy Wampole wants us to live without irony. In her weekend essay for the New York Times’ Opinionator section, the Princeton lit professor encourages all of us—not just ...

Conservative Avengers Assemble!

By driftglass: Longtime readers know that one unifying theme behind most of my hundreds of essays about Mr. David Brooks and his terrible, terrible New York ...