November 2012 Archive

NYT Journalist Scoffs at Egypt’s Effort to Be ‘Honest Broker’ Between Israel & Hamas

By Kevin Gosztola: United States State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland has indicated the Obama administration considers Egypt critical to any effort to broker some kind of a truce or ceasefire agreement that would de-escalate violence between Israel and Hamas. However, New York Times journalist David D. Kirkpatrick doubts Egypt’s commitment to Israel and Hamas halting violence.

NYT Reports: In Wyoming, Tradition of White People Complaining About Black People Alive and Well

By Jim Naureckas: "In Wyoming, Conservatives Feeling Left Behind" is the headline on a report by the New York Times' Jack Healy on how "since the election, a blanket of baffled worry has descended on conservatives here like early snow across the plains, deepening a sense that traditional, rural and overwhelmingly white states in the center of the country are losing touch with an increasingly diverse and urban American electorate."

The Times They May be Changing

By Marty Hart-Landsberg: One of the biggest obstacles to improving economic conditions has been majority belief that our current economic system is capable of delivering steady improvements in living and working conditions. Because of that belief...

New York Times Acknowledges Conspiracy of Silence Over “Fiscal Cliff”

By Andre Damon: In an article published Thursday, the New York Times starts off with an extraordinary admission—that during the elections the Democrats and Republicans colluded to cover-up ...

CHC: NYT’s Douthat ‘reaffirms the obvious reasons’ GOP lost Latinos

By Mackenzie Weinger: The Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Monday blasted The New York Times’ Ross Douthat’s new column as a “rambling piece which reflects his lack ...

Congrats, Boys. You Now Have Body Issues Too!

By Hanna Rosin: Yet another way in which boys are apparently becoming just like girls: They are obsessed with their bodies, according to this front page New York Times story today.

Israel Has Already Lost This War

By Philip Weiss: Israel has already lost this war. It has lost it because it is alienating influence leaders in U.S. mainstream opinion, the very supporters ...