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Freedom’s Just Another Word for Irresponsibility — David Brooks

By Marie Burns: The past ten days have been exceptionally news-heavy in the U.S. First, the election of course, which drove some of the other news, ...


Bloodbath in Gaza – Who Started It?

By Patrick Higgins: For days now, Israel has been launching aerial attacks on Gaza, resulting in many dead and many injured. The attacks are part of a larger and massively depressing spectacle of a usurping colony forcing a population into a wall-enclosed ghetto and bombing them in the name of Judaism and the Jews.


The New York Times Is Wrong: Strong Passwords Can’t Save Us

Mat Honan: On Nov. 7, The New York Times ran a story called “How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away.” Written by Silicon Valley correspondent Nicole Perlroth, the piece reigned over the paper’s Most Emailed List for a full week, and for a good reason: It’s properly freaked out about just how vulnerable we all are to hackers.


‘New York Times’ Covers Up a Key Netanyahu Motive for the Vicious Gaza Attack

By James North: It is openly recognized in Israel that Benjamin Netanyahu's assault on Gaza is at least partly aimed at winning votes in the upcoming Israeli elections, ...

David Brooks

David Brooks Is Worried About Non-Existent Economic Crises

By Dean Baker: It's so cute to see all the serious people who are so worried about economic crises that do not exist. They are constantly ...