November 2012 Archive

How the Sunday Times set the Stage!

By Bob Somerby: On Sunday, Jeff Zeleny wrote the front-page report in the New York Times about the presidential election.

The Novelization of the Mass. Senate Race, (Kit) Edition

By Charles P. Pierce: Those of us who followed the 2000 presidential campaign closely became familiar with the comedy stylings of one Katherine Q. (Kit) Seelye, and her role in catapulting most of the nothingburger stories about Al Gore into the media stratosphere...

Is Mark Thompson the Next Judy Miller?

By Joe Hagan: For the last few months, Britain has been consumed by its own version of the Penn State scandal — allegations that the recently deceased BBC children's television presenter and national institution Jimmy Savile was a pedophile who was tacitly enabled by his employer for decades.

Tentative New York Times Contract Will Preserve Pension Plan, Health Care For Guild Members

By Katherine Fung: The tentative deal between New York Times employees and management will satisfy several of the union’s biggest demands, according to the Newspaper Guild ...