Re: Natural Gas as a Diplomatic Tool

March 9, 2014   ·   0 Comments


From Alice Slater: Does the Times really believe that America should be “heralding the rise of a new era of energy diplomacy” by beefing up our oil and gas sales to Europe?


Re: Ukraine Fights for Its Truth

From Eugene Schulman: Sir, Roger Cohen's op-ed piece in your newspaper might carry a little weight if it weren't filled with so many lies itself...


Letter to New York Times: Correct Francisco Toro’s Error on Venezuela

On February 26, Ian J. Seda-Irizarry, professor of political economy at the City University of New York, sent the following letter to the editors of ...

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Re: Reports of Cheating Prompt Review of US Nuclear Launch Crews

From Alice Slater: The carelessness with which our nuclear- armed missile are overseen...

Roger Cohen

Cohen’s Middle East Pendulum

From Eugene Schulman: In Roger Cohen's latest article, "The Middle East Pendulum", NYT, October 15...

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen

Netanyahu’s Lies

From Eugene Schulman: Sir, I can't help thinking the title of Roger Cohen's article "Netanyahu's Lines"...


NYTimes Op-Ed Never Appeared in US Edition

Dear Public Editor, Many activists who follow the nuclear weapons issue, and the tortured path to nuclear disarmament, were really gratified to see, that for the ...

Coal Mining

Re: Coming Full Circle in Energy to Nuclear, August 21, 2013, B1

From Alice Slater: Although Eduardo Porter dismisses “environmental activists” promoting sun and wind as safe alternatives to deadly fossil fuels as unworthy of our trust...


Times Doesn’t Get Education

From: Lawrence Houghteling To: Editor I guess it really does no good to write letters complaining about how the New York Times just doesn’t “get it” as ...

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen

Dismayed to Read Roger Cohen

From: Eugene Schulman To: Editor International Herald Tribune Global Edition of the NY Times Paris, France Sir, It is always dismaying to read Roger Cohen on Israel/Palestine (One-state dream, one-state nightmare, IHT, August ...

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