The New York Times Gets an ‘F’ on Education Policy

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By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: A recent New York Times editorial took a moment out to lecture mayor-elect of New York City Bill de Blasio ...


Merry Christmas! President Obama: Harding Pardoned Debs So Why Not Pardon Manning and Snowden Too?

By Murray Polner: The New York Times recently ran a series of letters about President Obama’s reluctance to use his power of pardon.


Fighting for the Press with James C. Goodale, Pt. 1

James C. Goodale interviewed by Chris Spannos: James C. Goodale was chief counsel for the New York Times during the Pentagon Papers case. He is also ...


How Much Freedom for Journalists?

By Murray Polner: Nowadays it’s Edward Snowden, Snowden, Snowden, and Snowden everywhere, at least in spyworld, euphemistically dubbed our “Intelligence Community,” which in spite of its longtime claims of success...


NYTimes de Blasio Piece: Fair and Balanced

By Ed Morales: Last Sunday morning the Times has a prominent feature on mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio that amounts to a classic piece of...

NYTX Stock

Who Needs Mass Surveillance When NYT Power Lunch Lets State Department Determine Ground Rules?

By Chris Spannos: A September 8, 2011 U.S. State Department memorandum obtained by NYT eXaminer, entitled “NYT ‘Publisher's Lunch’ (note: a light lunch will now be served),” portrays a seemingly benign scene.

Paying till it hurts

To Live and Die in America: Profit is not the Cure

By Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson: This summer the Times is running a series on health care in the U.S. called “Paying Till it Hurts.”

Demonstrators hold banner during protest rally in support of Snowden in Berlin

New York Times Dangerously Ignores Its Own Words In Calling For Extradition of Edward Snowden

By Trevor Timm: In a move that should be worrying for all whistleblowers, the New York Times editorial board has essentially called for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to ...

Obama in Philly

NYT Misses the Scandal on Obama & Housing

In today’s report Danny looks at the "scandal within the scandal" that the Times misses in its reporting on Obama and housing.


Manning’s “Struggles”

By Fire Tom Friedman: There's a pretty repulsive profile of Bradley Manning on the front page of yesterday's New York Times, which declares, "the roots of Private ...

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