New York Times Parody Account Restored to Twitter After Outcry

November 21, 2012   ·   0 Comments

NYT on it

By Adam Gabbatt: Newspaper's lawyers object to use of trademarked logo – but Twitter users object to lawyers taking away a favorite joke.


The New York Times Is Wrong: Strong Passwords Can’t Save Us

Mat Honan: On Nov. 7, The New York Times ran a story called “How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away.” Written by Silicon Valley correspondent Nicole Perlroth, the piece reigned over the paper’s Most Emailed List for a full week, and for a good reason: It’s properly freaked out about just how vulnerable we all are to hackers.

Organic Food

The Good News About Organics – And Why The Media Tend To Ignore It

By Curtis Brainard: In the long-running debate about whether organic food is more healthy and nutritious than the conventional variety, the press has shown a preference ...

Stop following me

Ideology Trumps Science and Blocks Regulation

By William Black: This column was prompted by an NYT story that ran Friday entitled “Congressman Calls Evolution Lie from ‘Pit of Hell.’” Yes, unintentional self-parody continues to reign supreme.

Girl Science

How To Fix the Bias Against Women in Science? Think Big.

By Amanda Hess: Last month, researchers from Yale University released results of a study showing that male and female professors across scientific disciplines demonstrate bias against female students in ...

Cornell college

Responding to the NYT: Rethinking Our Relationship With Technology Through Campus-Wide ‘Deactivation Days’

By Kevin Burra: Last Wednesday, a piece titled "Last Call for College Bars" appeared in The New York Times Style section, about the effect that social media has had on the dwindling bar scene in college towns across the country.

Facebook Prineville Servers

Why the New York Times Story “Power, Pollution, and the Internet” is a Sloppy Failure

By Dan Woods: In its story published Sunday, “Power, Pollution, and the Internet”, The New York Times failed in its mission to accurately explain the important issue of improving efficient use of power in data centers, and instead wrote a confused and incomplete article that is unworthy of its reputation.


Anonymous Targets the New York Times

By Jeb Boone: Anonymous is targeting the New York Times for the “failure of the press” to give adequatecoverage to Trapwire, what some say is a global system of surveillance run by the US government.


Fine, Women Don’t Need Men. So What?

By Amanda Marcotte: The New York Times must be trolling men. That can be the only explanation for why the paper thought it advisable to run this paranoid op-ed by Greg Hampikian...

Internet Infatuation

The Media’s Internet Infatuation

By Michael Massing: Much of the coverage makes claims “that are grand, outlandish, and ultimately unverifiable.”

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