‘The New York Times’ Investigates a Palestinian Hobby

August 9, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Injured Palestinian youth

By Noam Sheizaf: The New York Times on Sunday published one of its most out-of-context items from the West Bank in recent years...


Bowing To Israel Lobby Group, ‘NYT’ Editors Neuter Reporters’ Assertion That Israel Is Nixing Two-State Solution

By Philip Weiss: I often speak of the pressure that the New York Times is under from rightwing supporters of Israel. What follows is further evidence of the editors' responsiveness...

Judi Rudoren

‘NYT’ Reporter Jodi Rudoren Gets a Social Network ‘Minder’ After Uproar Over Gaza

By Greg Mitchell: The new, and very acitve, New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan, whose blog post Tuesday responded to my charges about the paper’s front-page caption on a ...

New York Times building

Times Bureau Chief in Jerusalem Will Now Have Her Facebook Entries Edited

By Glenn Greenwald: While in Gaza reporting on the recent Israeli attack there, Judi Rudoren, the Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times, wrote several Facebook entries that caused substantial controversy. The episode began when she wrote a Times article on the funeral of the Dalu family, ten of whom (including several small children) were killed when an Israeli bomb destroyed their house...

Ali Abunimah

Responding to New York Times Public Editor’s Smear Against Me

By Ali Abunimah: Dear Ms. Sullivan, As public editor of The New York Times, your role, as I understand it, is to advocate for the interests of readers and to be an arbiter of accuracy.

Israeli Militarism

Few Facts, A Lot Of Racism: Palestine In US Media

By Charlotte Silver: The worst time to try to grasp a political conflict is during a military confrontation. And yet, it is only at such times that the US media covers the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinian Funerals are not ‘Militant Pageantry’

By Rania Khalek: Palestinians love their children and want them to live just like the rest of us. I shouldn’t have to say this, but I feel ...

NYT’s Rudoren: Gaza Funeral ‘didn’t feel incredibly human to me’

By Adam Horowitz: The story begins with Rudoren's November 19th New York Times article "Hoisting Dead Children, Gazans Mourn Family Killed by Israeli Strike." The article covers the funeral for the al Dalu family which lost 12 members to an Israeli missile strike.

NYT Rudoren Article

Palestinians and the Proper Way to Grieve Dead Children

By Peter Hart: When a family of nine is killed in an airstrike, what is the proper way to grieve? That question might not occur to you, ...

Rudoren #4

Gazans Aspire To Martyrdom And Lead Such Limited Lives They Have Less To Lose Than Israelis — NYT’s Rudoren

By Philip Weiss: Jodi Rudoren, the New York Times correspondent who has been in Gaza for several days now, has an active Facebook page on which she has lately posted some critical observations about Palestinian culture that are reminiscent of Mitt Romney's comments last July that got the former Republican presidential candidate in such hot water.

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