How the Sunday Times set the Stage!

November 7, 2012   ·   1 Comments

Presidential Race

By Bob Somerby: On Sunday, Jeff Zeleny wrote the front-page report in the New York Times about the presidential election.

Jeff Zeleny

How Does NYT Reporter’s Fox Appearance Square With Times Policy Of Protecting Impartiality?

By Oliver Willis: While on a Fox News Sunday panel, New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny received feedback from right-wing radio host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham on how the Times should cover the controversy over the terrorist attack in Benghazi...

Jeff Zeleny

New York Times Reporter Parrots GOP Talking Points, Suggests Obama’s Middle East Policy Is ‘Naive’ And ‘Quaint’

By Judd Legum: This morning on Fox News Sunday, New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny suggested Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East, as articulated in ...

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart On Rick Santorum Cursing Out NYT Reporter: ‘This Is How He Should Talk From Now On!’ (VIDEO)

By Katla McGlynn: On Tuesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart reviewed Santorum's recent decision to curse out New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny as a fairly positive move on the candidate's part. He didn't even make one Google Santorum joke!

Journalism Warning Label

Journalism 101 Comes to the New York Times

By Marie Burns: I have been highly critical of the New York Times and other news outlets for their stenographic approach to journalism: their copying out of political ...

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, the New York Times’ Favorite Candidate

By Marie Burns: If you read the New York Times print edition today, you just may think GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a jolly, politically-independent ...

News Dissector

New York Times Headlines January 4: Iowa Caucus

Danny Schechter un-spins select stories from the day’s New York Times for his NYTX News Dissector video column. Today’s Jan 4 column continues its focus from last week on media coverage of the Iowa caucus and today's outcome.