In-Person Voter Fraud: Not Really a Matter of Opinion

September 16, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Voter ID

By Kevin Drum: After running a story about voter access laws last Sunday, the New York Times got some complaints from readers about its he-said-she-said treatment of whether voter fraud is ...

Ethan Bronner

NYT’s Bronner To Speak About ‘My Israel’ On Behalf Of Liberal Zionist Group

By Philip Weiss: Next week Ethan Bronner, a NY Times reporter who till recently was the Jerusalem bureau chief for the newspaper,  is speaking about "My Israel" ...

NYT Jerusalem Bureau

Another Major Conflict of Interest for NY Times’ Jerusalem Bureau

By Max Blumenthal: New York Times Jerusalem Deputy Bureau Chief Isabel Kershner is married to Hirsh Goodman, an Israeli citizen and prominent liberal Zionist intellectual. Goodman works ...

Ethan Bronner (image from

NY Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief Replaced

By Saed Bannoura: Ethan Bronner, who has served as the Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times newspaper for four years, has announced that he ...

Obama and Netanyahu

‘NYT’ Helps Netanyahu Bury Palestinian Issue

By Philip Weiss: In the Ethan Bronner story yesterday “Mideast Din Drowns out Palestinians,” he says Iran swamped everything in Obama’s meeting with Netanyahu. But when Prime Minister Benjamin ...


Meet the New York Times’ New Israel-Palestine News Chief

By Alison Weir: Michael Lerner, the editor of Tikkun Magazine, is known for his frequent condemnations of Israeli violence against Palestinians. He is labeled “pro-Palestinian” for ...

New York Times Jeursalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner. Photo by Itzik Adri

New York Times to Get New Jerusalem Bureau Chief

By Emilie Grunzweig: After four years as the New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief, Ethan Bronner will be leaving his position, the newspaper announced Tuesday in ...

Illustration: Truth and Lie

More Intellectual Dishonesty at the New York Times

By Thomas S. Harrington: In an article in Sunday’s New York Times co-signed by Isabel Kershner and Ethan Bronner, the readers of the “Paper of Record” were informed ...

Prisoner Swap

CAMERA’s “Fact Checking” Misses Out Some Facts

By Ben White: The pro-Israel monitoring group CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) published an article attacking Ethan Bronner’s coverage in theNew York Times of the 2nd stage release of Palestinian prisoners (the Times have since printed a correction with the article).

Ethan Bronner

Conflict in Israel? A problematic speaking deal at The New York Times

By Max Blumenthal: Running the Jerusalem bureau for The New York Times is a tough job in a hypersensitive area, one that attracts more than its share of ...

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