Is Hamas Really a ‘Surrogate’ of Iran?

November 28, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Gaza Rule

By Robert Wright: Is Hamas a puppet of the Iranian regime? An affirmative answer to this question is, from the point of view of Bibi Netanyahu, a ...


Obama Aides Launch Preemptive Attack on New Iran Plan

By Gareth Porter: Although the place and time of the next round of talks on Iran’s nuclear programme have not yet been announced, the manoeuvring by Iran and the United States to influence the outcome has already begun.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

NYT and Professor Netanyahu

By Peter Hart: At his United Nations address yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held up a cartoonish drawing of a bomb, an odd way to illustrate ...

Alright, What’s Up?

By Josh Marshall: I’m not sure what’s up with this. But earlier this evening the Times ran a story entitled “Behind Romney’s Decision to Attack Obama on Libya.” ...


New York Times Fear-Mongers Over New Report on Iran

By Jim White: Try as they might, those who are pushing hard for a military attack on Iran under the guise of preventing Iran obtaining nuclear ...

International Atomic Energy Agency

Burying the Most Important News on Iran’s Nuclear Program?

By Peter Hart: The release of a new International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran was greeted as an ominous development by some major outlets. But ...


Forthcoming IAEA Report Will Announce Continued Uranium Enrichment by Iran

By David Dayen: Looks like we’re scheduled to endure another round of hype about Iran’s nuclear program. David Sanger writes in Friday's New York Times...

Cyber Warfare

Not on the Front Page: NYT’s David Sanger ‘Presumes’ We’re Conducting Covert Hostilities Against North Korea

By Philip Weiss: I'm confused by David Sanger, the New York Times correspondent and author of the important new book on Obama's covert war policy. Sanger ...

David Sanger

Veteran Investigative Reporters Dismiss Scandalmongering Over Alleged Leaks

By Joe Strupp: Veteran investigative reporters are objecting to claims that a string of stories about internal national security operations are the result of a White ...

Lawmakers declare war on intelligence leaks

Feinstein Says She Talked to Sanger Before Stuxnet Story

By Philip Weiss: At the beginning of the month the New York Times' David Sanger reported that Obama had ramped up a cyberwar against the Iranians, approving attacks ...

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