The New York Times Promotes The Syrian Contras

October 10, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Free Syrian Army fighters

By Alex Lantier: On October 5 journalist C. J. Chivers published a long article in the New York Times, sympathetically recording the views of the US-backed Syrian opposition, titled “Rebels Say West’s Inaction Is Pushing Syrians to Extremism.”

USS Kidd Iranian Dhow

Beyond Iranians Held By Pirates, Somalia’s Tragedy

NYT eXaminer interviews Jim Paul about Somali pirates and the intersection between Iran and militarization.

NYT Lybia

Now It Can Be Told: Libyan Civilian Deaths

By Peter Hart: The Sunday New York Times (12/18/11) featured a powerful investigation of civilian casualties resulting from the NATO war in Libya--casualties that, to hear NATO officials ...

Lybian Rebels

Rebel Atrocities ‘Pale’ Next to Gadhafi’s Similar Atrocities

By Jim Naureckas: A New York Times piece by C.J. Chivers (7/13/11) presents a scary picture of Libyan rebel behavior: Rebels in the mountains in Libya's west have looted ...