Did the New York Times Lead Anthony Shadid to His Death?

June 30, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Anthony Shadid

By Alison Weir: Anthony Shadid was an astounding journalist. By 43 he was legendary for his courage and lyrical, powerful reporting.

Anthony Shadid’s Cousin Takes a Shot at NYT — and Journalism in General

By Matt Pearce: Those who were there said the crowd gasped. Ed Shadid, the cousin of late New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid, was speaking at a ...

Anthony Shadid. Image from the author

Dr. Edward Shadid’s Remarks on Anthony Shadid at ADC Convention

Anthony Shadid, the Middle East-based correspondent for the New York Times, was honored at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee's 2012 convention at the evening gala Saturday, ...

Anthony Shadid

Anthony Shadid Said to Have Blamed Death on New York Times, NYT Replies

By Dylan Byers: Anthony Shadid, the Pulitzer prize-winning New York Times reporter who died in Syria this year, had heated arguments with his editors just prior to his final trip...

Obit Shadid

Nada Bakri, Widow of Anthony Shadid, on Her Husband’s Life and Posthumous Memoir, “House of Stone”

Democracy Now: Three weeks ago, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid died of an apparent asthma attack while reporting on the conflict in Syria...


Anthony Shadid, Finding Peace In A ‘House Of Stone’

NPR: The death in Syria two weeks ago of correspondent Anthony Shadid was a devastating loss. For journalism and the Middle East, he did so much to illuminate.

Anthony Shadid House of Stone Courtesy of Nada Bakri

Finding Bayt Across Borders of Stone

By Amal Hanano: I “met” Anthony Shadid the only way someone like me, a mere reader, can meet a journalist she admires: I emailed him a fan letter. I sent him my short note through the New York Times website and didn’t expect an answer. The next day, he emailed me a brief but warm thank you.

Anthony Shadid

An Elegy Out of Stories

By Hosam Aboul-Ela: When my close friend of nearly two decades, the celebrated New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid, died suddenly last week of an asthma attack while ...

Anthony Shadid. Image from the author

Our Friend Anthony Shadid’s Stories

By Shiva Balaghi: I feel like I need to write the stories, he would say, or the stories will not get told. And so often Anthony ...

Anthony Shadid

Anthony Shadid, 1968-2012

By Chris Toensing: We at MERIP are shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of Anthony Shadid, an extraordinary reporter, wondrously talented writer, judicious analyst of ...

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