Horrors! Unpublished Study Used to Raise Health Questions About Fracking

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By Dean Baker: Elaine K. Hill, a doctoral candidate in Cornell University’s department of applied economics and management, found evidence that fracking is associated with the ...

Green R&D

Andrew Revkin’s Bjorn Lomborg Problem

By Howard Friel: On his Dot Earth blog for the New York Times on December 12, Andrew Revkin noted “some of the merits of Bjorn Lomborg’s reaction to the climate talks” following “the latest failed attempt to limit climate risk” at the international conference at Durban, South Africa this month.

World Energy Outlook 2011

Andrew Revkin Snubs Climate Science in New York Times Dot.Earth Blog

By Howard Friel: When the International Energy Agency issued its 2011 World Energy Outlook Wednesday, Andrew Revkin, on his Dot.Earth blog for the New York Times, focused ...

Climate Change

Why Joe Romm Should Replace Andrew Revkin as the Times’ Climate Blogger

An Interview with Howard Friel by NYTX