Welcome to Generation “Fidgital”

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Smart Phones

By Katie Mcdonough: The New York Times introduces a new word -- and pegs a new problem.


For Some Reason, the New York Times Published a Story on Non-Married Spouses Who Call Each Other Things Like ‘Fusband’

By Jordan Sargent: Sometimes the New York Times profiles people that are genuine monsters of upper-class naiveté and privilege...

Scud missiles

Scuds Over Syria: Is Assad Escalating The War?

By Stephen M. Walt: Forces loyal to beleaguered Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad have reportedly begun firing Scud missiles at rebel groups. The New York Times' Michael Gordon ...

Jose Antonio Vargas

José Antonio Vargas: ‘You Know Someone Undocumented’

By Rinku Sen: Join José Antonio Vargas and Colorlines.com at Facing Race 2012, a gathering of hundreds of racial justice thinkers, advocates and culture makers, in ...

No one is illegal

Dropping the “I” Word

By Erik Lorenszonn: The “i-word” could stay entrenched in our national vocabulary for some time to come, if the Associated Press and The New York Times ...

We are all Immigrants

“Illegal Immigrant” Isn’t the Only Controversial Term the Times Has Endorsed

By Ted Heson and Cristina Costantini: A quick search through the Times archive turned up a gaggle of present-day aspersions that were once considered acceptable by the paper.

Drop the I Word

The New York Times: No Advantage in Moving Away from Use of ‘Illegal Immigrant’

By Latin Times Staff Writer: Helen F. Chavez, widow of Cesar Chavez, has called on the New York Times to "stop using ethnic or racial stereotypes." Chavez said she ...

NYT Behind the Times

The Times Is Behind the Times

By Cristina Costantini: The New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan wrote yesterday that her paper should continue using the term "illegal immigrant" because it is accurate and isn't "meant to be uncaring."

Jose Antonio Vargas

New York Times Public Editor Won’t Advocate Against ‘Illegal Immigrant’

By Amanda Holpuch: The public editor of the New York Times has defended her refusal to stop using the term "illegal immigrant" against accusations that the term is inflammatory.

Seinfeld Getty

Really, New York Times? Jerry Seinfeld Writes Rebuttal to TV Column

By Erik Hayden: A New York Times column lamenting the use of the expression “Really?” as a sarcastic quip on TV has incited the ire of none other ...

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