More on the New York Times’ Struggle with Data!

February 8, 2013   ·   1 Comments


By Bob Somerby: Yesterday, we noted two reports from Tuesday’s New York Times in which the mighty newspaper seemed to be struggling with data.

Shimon Peres

Jim Crow in Our Time: ‘NYT’ Credits Israeli Poll That Excludes 20% of Population Who Aren’t Jewish

By Philip Weiss: Shimon Peres is the new honey-bunny of American liberals, the anti-Netanyahu.

Steve Rattner

Steve Rattner’s Defective Social Security Chart in NYT

By Dean Baker: Steve Rattner had a series of mostly useful charts in the NYT this morning describing the state of the economy.

Nate Silver

If the Budget Debate Had a Nate Silver

By Dean Baker: At this point almost everyone has heard of Nate Silver, the New York Times polling analyst who had all the pundits looking stupid on election ...


Has Nate Silver Ruined Campaign Journalism?

By Peter Hart: The results are in -- Nate Silver won the election.


Michael Gerson Has Trouble with Numbers and Is Jealous of Those Who Don’t

By Dean Baker: Michael Gerson used his column today to make a bizarre attack on the NYT's polling analyst Nate Silver. He complains to readers: "Silver’s prediction is not an ...

Krugman and Silver

Paul Krugman and Nate Silver Agree: New York Times reporting is ‘lazy’ and ‘stupid’

By Gregg Re: New York Times columnist Paul Krugman agreed with fellow New York Times blogger Nate Silver earlier this weekend that the paper both men ...

Nate Silver

Politico Makes You Glad Election Is Almost Over

By Peter Hart: The gossipy, horse race-obsessed outlet Politico ran a story on October 29 about the credibility of polling expert Nate Silver, whose 538 blog at the New York Times is a must-read for people interested in election forecasting.

Silver Scarborough

Hey, Hacks: Nate Silver’s Not Taking Your Job

Alex Pareene: Pundits appear especially threatened by the New York Times math wiz this election cycle. Why are they so scared? In terms of issues dividing the ...

Nate Silver

NYT Public Editor: Silver Bet ‘bad idea’

By Mackenzie Weinger: The New York Times' public editor Margaret Sullivan says Nate Silver's offer to bet on the winner of the presidential election was a ...

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