NY Times’ Joe Nocera Overlooks Key Flaws in EDF Fracking Climate Change Study

October 8, 2013   ·   0 Comments


By Steve Horn: Yesterday, New York Times' columnist Joe Nocera weighed in on the study by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and University of Texas-Austin (UT-Austin) on the climate change impacts of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking").

Mark Thompson

Impressive Integrity From Two New York Times Writers Over BBC Scandal

By Glenn Greenwald: Over the past month, two New York Times columnists have displayed brave and extraordinary journalistic integrity that deserves commendation. Both instances pertain to the still-growing scandal that BBC senior executives suppressed the media outlet's own investigation into the alleged serial pedophilia of Jimmy Savile...

New York Times

NYT Writer Accuses Mark Thompson of ‘wilful ignorance’ over Jimmy Savile

By Lisa O'Carroll: Joe Nocera asks why ex-BBC director general did not order inquiry after learning of Newsnight programme on presenter.


The New York Times’ Flim-Flam Men

By Marie Burns: The New York Times editorial page is a font of disinformation today – a shining exemplar of what is wrong with modern American ...

Fracking pit in Springville, PA, by Helen Slottje, 2009, via Flickr creative commons

Joe Nocera: Wrong About Environmental Activism

By Mark Engler: Can you be an environmentalist and support things like the Keystone XL pipeline and hydraulic fracking? Not likely, but it’s conceivable. Can you ...

Olympia Snowe

Joe Nocera’s Phony Defense of Bipartisanship

By Marie Burns: [Senator Olympia]Snowe [R-Maine] said the current [federal] regulations are ‘an albatross around this economy.’ And on tax reform, Snowe noted that the United States ...


Flaming Faucets! Fracking Joe Is Back!

By Marie Burns: As a public service, Joe Nocera has devoted his New York Times column today to inform his readers “How to Frack Responsibly.” What could possibly be wrong ...

Church and State

The Pope of Pennsylvania

By Marie Burns: Today and yesterday two New York Times op-ed writers, Joe Nocera and Tim Egan, contrasted GOP presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick ...

Mortgage Settlement Passed

News for Joe Nocera: Things Not to Love About the Mortgage Settlement

By Dean Baker: In his column on the mortgage settlement last weekend Joe Nocera praised the fact that it would mean that more people would be able to ...

Joe Nocera

Fire Joe Nocera

By Marie Burns: The New York Times should fire columnist Joe Nocera. In his column today, titled “Two Cheers for the Settlement,” Nocera literally cheerleads the settlement state attorneys ...

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