Bin Laden Assassination, In the Defense of Freedom?

December 12, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Zero Dark Thirty

By Stephen Roblin: Frank Bruni's review of “Zero Dark Thirty,” Hollywood's version of Washington's criminal assassination of Bin Laden, is a reminder of the limits of criticism that the mainstream ...

Gay at the Times

By Jennifer Vanasco: On Wednesday, The New York Times’s LGBT employee affinity group commemorated a cover story about the paper that ran in the Advocate 20 years ago. Called, “Out at The New York Times: Gays, Lesbians, AIDS, and Homophobia Inside America’s Newspaper of Record”...


Bruni Mocks Norquist, Then Pimps His Line!

By Bob Somerby: Breaking -- Grover has won! Like Frank Bruni, we happen to know Grover Norquist a small tiny tad.


The Grover Fake

By Marie Burns: What Frank Bruni doesn't know about economics and politics – he puts in the newspaper. In his New York Times column Bruni celebrates the Republican party's impending breakup with Grover Norquist and and no-tax pledge.


The Real Mitt Romney

By Marie Burns: In their New York Times opinion columns today, both David Brooks and Frank Bruni try to locate the Real Romney. Brooks gives up ...

Jeb Bush

“Candor” Is Not a Synonym for “Self-Serving”

By Marie Burns: The winner of this week's New York Times op-ed page Phony Political Punditry Sweepstakes was clearly David Brooks, who on Tuesday argued that for our democracy to work Americans had to be better lemmings...

Mark Von Holden/WireImage for MTV Networks

A Column About Nothing – Frank Bruni Goes Postmodern

By Marie Burns: It is axiomatic that 24/7 cable news and presidential campaigns produce breathless hyperbole over the most superficial occurrences and remarks. Still, the silliness ...

Sen Snowe

Frank Bruni’s Phony Defense of Bipartisanship

By Marie Burns: As I write, I am imagining myself on the 13th floor of the New York Times building, standing in a tight triangle with Frank Bruni and ...

Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni Escapes the Truth Vigilantes – Again

By Marie Burns: When New York Times columnist Frank Bruni has a point to make, he doesn't let facts get in his way. Today Bruni's point ...

Bush Jr.

Frank Bruni Resurrects “The Lost Bush Presidencies”

By Marie Burns: New York Times columnist Frank Bruni has just noticed that today's Republican presidential candidates seldom mention Presidents Bush and Bush. “You’d think Ronald ...

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