The Mismatch of the Century: Barrett Brown vs. Tom Friedman

March 16, 2014   ·   1 Comments

Barrett Brown

By Fire Tom Friedman: Confession: I’m burnt out on Tom Friedman. I hardly ever read him any more, having digested the five columns he lazily recycles ...


Nicholas Kristof Peddles Neo-Liberal Snake Oil as Remedy for Poverty

By John Halle: Even if common sense didn't tell us that stopped clocks sometimes display useful information, we could infer it from reading Nicholas Kristof’s Times ...

Brooks on Min Wage

David Brooks Stumbles Over the Work Force in Attacking the Minimum Wage

By Dean Baker: David Brooks doesn't like the idea of raising the minimum wage. But the good news is that...


Zen Over Zinn: Avoiding Unpleasant Truths with David Brooks

By Steve Breyman: We all know people who prefer cozier psychic climes to those offered up by reality. They’re ubiquitous, the place is lousy with them. ...


NY Times’ Joe Nocera Overlooks Key Flaws in EDF Fracking Climate Change Study

By Steve Horn: Yesterday, New York Times' columnist Joe Nocera weighed in on the study by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and University of Texas-Austin (UT-Austin) on the climate change impacts of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking").


Thomas Friedman’s “FLOP” – First Law of Petropolitics

By Belén Fernández: One overly simplistic theory that somehow continues to elude the very minimal amount of scrutiny...

Thomas Friedman

Sophistry Bestrides ‘Free-Trade’ Axis

By John R. MacArthur: The day before Detroit declared bankruptcy, I found The New York Times’s Thomas Friedman up to his old tricks, extolling the North ...

Draft Card Burning NYC

The Times’s Op Ed Page and the Draft

By Murray Polner: Karl Eikenberry and David Kennedy’s “Americans and Their Military: Drifting Apart” (May 26) called for reinstatement of a draft, a favorite stance of ...

Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman Again Demonstrates the Skills Shortage for NYT Pundits

By Dean Baker: The NYT has difficulty finding pundits who can write knowledgeably about economics. Thomas Friedman made this point...


The Madness of NYT’s Tom Friedman

By Robert Parry: When ranking which multi-millionaire American pundit is the most overrated, there are, without doubt, many worthy contenders, but one near the top of ...

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