Think Again: The Mistaken Bias of The New York Times’s Public Editor

September 10, 2012   ·   0 Comments


By Eric Alterman: Arthur Brisbane left his job as the public editor of The New York Times this past week, deciding before leaving to double the degree of damage he has done to that institution—and to the newspaper business itself, of which the Times is the unchallenged leader.

Mark Mazzetti

New York Times’ Brisbane Weighs in on Draft-Sharing Dustup

By Andrew Beaujon: Outgoing Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane interrupts his lame-duck week to lower the boom on Mark Mazzetti and Maureen Dowd.

Arthur Brisbane

If NYT ‘Overloved’ Occupy, It Had a Funny Way of Showing It

By Jim Naureckas: In his farewell column, New York Times ombud Arthur Brisbane...


Public Editor’s Parting Shot at ‘NYT’: More Blather About ‘Liberal Bias’

By Greg Mitchell: In his farewell column Sunday, New York Times public editor Arthur Brisbane declared that the paper still lacks “transparency” and “humility.”

Brisbane Hammers NYT for ‘Progressivism,’ Occupy Bias

By Erik Wemple: Outgoing New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane made himself a hot aggregational commodity this weekend with a farewell column accusing his paycheck issuer of bias.

Arthur Brisbane

Brisbane’s Final Column

By Jay Rosen: In his final column after two years on the job, the New York Times public editor, Arthur Brisbane, was moved to criticize the ...

Hurtigruten Iceberg

The Times Correction Glacier: Julian Assange

By Chris Spannos: Commenting in last Sunday’s New York Times, Public Editor Arthur S. Brisbane states that the paper is the closest thing, in the U.S., to a “newspaper of record.”

NYT Kill List

Letter to Public Editor Re: “National Secrets and National Security”

By Beth Jacobs: After reading the New York Times article “National Secrets National Security” by Arthur S. Brisbane, I decided to submit a letter to the author...

Arthur Brisbane

New York Times Public Editor to Leave in September

By Erik Wemple: New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane will leave his position on Sept. 1 of this year, completing a two-year term as in-house ...


NY Times Public Editor Pushes Thin Examples Of The Paper’s Liberal Bias

By Eric Boehlert: Riding a favorite conservative hobbyhorse onto the opinion pages, New York Times public editor Arthur Brisbane recently urged the paper to cover President Obama more aggressively and highlighted ...

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