Why Does No One Speak of America’s Oligarchs?

March 25, 2013   ·   1 Comments


By Yves Smith: One of the striking elements of the demonization of Cyprus was how it was depicted as a willing tool of Russian money launderers ...

Italian Elections

The ‘Populists’ and the ‘Experts’

By Costas Panayotakis The reporting by the New York Times of the recent election in Italy suggests, yet again, that confusion regarding the European crisis continues ...


Steven Davidoff Doesn’t Consider the Successful 300 Years of Financial Transactions Taxes In London

By Dean Baker: Steven Davidoff really doesn't like financial transactions taxes (FTT) but is not honest enough to acknowledge this fact. Instead he tells readers that proponents of ...


Tom Friedman’s Apple Hunch

By Peter Hart: New York Times columnist Tom Friedman is, for reasons that remain entirely unclear, considered a wise man in elite media circles. His columns and books are ...

Japanese Yen

NYT Finds Economists Without Names to Criticize Japan’s Plans for Stimulus and Promote “Free-Trade” Agreement

By Dean Baker: Most economists have names, but the NYT managed to find some without names to give critical comments on the stimulus plans of Japan's ...

Tom Friedman

To Educate a Cab Driver, Educate Thomas Friedman Campaign

By Dean Baker: Thomas Friedman is once again mass marketing misinformation on economics, something that he does all too frequently. Just about everything in the piece is ...


Why Does the NYT Abandon Journalistic Standards to Promote the Obama Administration’s Trade Agenda?

By Dean Baker: That's what readers of this NYT piece hyping a European-U.S. trade agreement should be asking. It begins by telling readers: "President Obama’s call for a free-trade ...


Currency Values Are Not Determined by the Market When Central Banks Buy Currencies

By Dean Baker: A NYT piece reported on concerns by the French government and others over the rising value of the euro. They were concerned that a higher ...

Money Bags

Millionaires Are–or Perhaps Aren’t–Leaving California

By Peter Hart: The early headline on a New York Times story by Adam Nagourney was, "Millionaires Consider Leaving California Over Taxes."

Securities and Exchange Commission

NYT and WAPO Can’t Find Out About Franken Amendment on Bond Rating Agencies

By Dean Baker: It's so difficult when you run a major national newspaper to find out about the laws passed by Congress and signed by the ...

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