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Palestinians in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron demonstrate against Israeli “apartheid,” 30 March 2009. (Mamoun Wazwaz/MaanImages)

The Connection That Wasn’t Made: Sterling, Kerry and Israeli Apartheid

By Michael M'Gehee: “Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Donald Sterling scandal is . . .” began the New York Times’ piece by their editorial board on the Donald Sterling controversy in which the Los Angeles Clippers owner was recorded making racist comments.


The New York Times Excoriates ‘Aggression’: The Washington Exception

By Michael M'Gehee: Over the last quarter century the New York Times' Editorial board has made editorial decisions that illustrate a peculiar pattern.


Year in Review: NYT’s Selective Ignorance of the War in Syria

By Michael M'Gehee: What a year, what a year. With three weeks left of 2013 one wonders if there is any more inconvenient facts the New ...

Syria Chemical Weapons

NYT Reports an Astonishing Admission on Syrian Chemical Weapons Sites

By Michael M'Gehee: Since this past spring the Obama administration has claimed numerous times that the Syrian rebels do not have access to chemical weapons. Following the ...

Libyan police fly Qaeda flag

What the NYT Doesn’t Say About Al Qaeda in Libya

By Michael M'Gehee: On the front page of the October 7, 2013 edition of The New York Times is an article about the capture of an al Qaeda operative in Libya...


NYT’s Selective Amnesia on ‘International Standards’

By Michael M'Gehee: Twenty-five hundred years ago, Thucydides, a Greek historian and general, broke politics down to a single sentence, and one which still rings true: ...


The NYT’s Evolving Drive to War on Syria

By Michael M'Gehee: In George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984, Winston Smith, the protagonist, is a clerk for the Records Department at the Ministry of Truth.

Snowden Passport

The NYT’s Selective Spin on Extradition, Torture, and Murder

By Michael M'Gehee: The way the New York Times presents Moscow’s rejection of Washington’s extradition request for Edward Snowden one would think Russia is in the wrong.

U.S. Soldiers Stuck in Sand in Southern Afghanistan.

NYT La-La Land on Afghanistan

By Michael M'Gehee: After nearly twelve years of war and occupation the very people the Northern Alliance claim to be liberating and representing have not given them popular support.


The NYT on Hezbollah and ‘Terrorism’

By Michael M'Gehee: It’s not so much what readers will find in Anne Bard’s latest article for The New York Times...

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