Re: Ukraine Fights for Its Truth

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From: Eugene Schulman
To: Editor
New York Times


Roger Cohen's op-ed piece in your newspaper (Ukraine Fights for its Truth, NYT, March 6, 2014) might carry a little weight if it weren't filled with so many lies itself. It is true that Timothy Snyder writes of the horrors in his excellent book, "Bloodlands," but Snyder was writing about WWII, and all the atrocities were carried out under Stalin. But Cohen wants to attribute them to post Soviet Union breakup of 1989. Putin's Russian Federation had nothing to do with that era. But one would find it hard know that reading Cohen.

Neither he, nor his colleague Alison Smale know whether that 28 year old lecturer was killed by a bullet from which side. Live bullets were fired by both the Kiev military and the supposed defenders of the barricades.

This is the most one-sided piece of propaganda that I have read in a long time. It even outdoes the recent pieces by Cohen on the Palestine/Israel conflict. Just where does one find the truth nowadays? There was a time when one could rely on the opinion pages of the NY Times. No longer.

Eugene Schulman
Geneva, Switzerland


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