Re: Reports of Cheating Prompt Review of US Nuclear Launch Crews

January 28, 2014   ·   0 Comments

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Above: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (Source - Wikimedia Commons)

From: Alice Slater
To: Editor, New York Times

The carelessness with which our nuclear- armed missile are overseen by demoralized missileers, in bunkers for hours, primed to launch a fusillade of nuclear bombs to obliterate Russian cities should an incoming Russian missile appear on their radar screens, is a travesty of common sense.

Besides the catalogue of gross mismanagement in caring for our lethal “jewels,” there was even an earlier report of a mistaken flight of six nuclear bomb-laden missiles from Minot Air Force base in North Dakota to Barksdale, Louisiana, where our military didn't have a clue that the warheads had not been removed and were sitting in Louisiana.

This awful mistake wasn’t discovered for 36 hours during which the bombs were not protected by the mandatory security precautions required for nuclear weapons in transport.

Given the destructive fire power at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where only two bombs, of much smaller firepower than those we’re so carelessly guarding today, killed or injured over 200,000 people, why would any reporter buy into the military-speak that these horrific bombs are “jewels”?

Isn’t it time to remind your readers the havoc these instruments of catastrophic death and destruction can inflict?

Alice Slater
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
New York, NY


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