Cohen’s Middle East Pendulum

October 15, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Roger Cohen

From: Eugene Schulman

To: Editor
New York Times
New York

In Roger Cohen's latest article ("The Middle East Pendulum", NYT, October 15, 2013) he seems to recognize that the US/Israel war twins are taking it on the chin, and wish to back off from hegemonizing the whole of the Middle East.  His prescription for possible peace and democracy, using Turkey as an example goes well until he gives his game away by accusing Syria's Bashar al-Assad of gassing his own people, and to ask Arabs to see in Israel "not a Zionist oppressor but the region's most successful economy, a modern state built in 65 years".  There is no evidence that the Syrian government used poison gas.  On the contrary, all evidence points to the rebels of having used it.  And Israel is a Zionist oppressor - of Palestinians and anyone else who stands in their way of creating a Jewish state in all of eretz Israel, i.e., all of Palestine.

Mr. Cohen continues to twist facts to make it seem that Israel is the victim in these Middle East wars when, in reality, they are the aggressors.

Eugene Schulman
Geneva, Switzerland


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