Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack

August 23, 2013   ·   1 Comments

Source: NYTX

Noam Chomsky

In this “Necessary Illusions” column, NYTX readers ask Noam Chomsky questions.

Ron Almonde asks:

Media is full of reports covering the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria. The opposition is blaming Assad forces. But media also report that there is no proof of where the attacks came from or that chemical weapons were even involved. The images are painful though and worrying. How do you make sense of these reports?

Noam Chomsky replies:

No credible evidence yet.  It would seem rather odd for Assad to launch a chemical weapons attack just as a UN team arrives to investigate possible use of chemical weapons.


Readers Comments (1)

  1. Robert Roth says:

    Would it be technically and otherwise feasible for elements of the opposition to launch a chemical weapons attack? In the event UN inspectors find evidence of the use of chemical weapons, might it be feasible for them to also find evidence as to the source of the attack? Where do you, or would you, look for information answering these questions? Do you have a view on the US motivation(s)? President Obama has seemed at times generally hesitant, if not reluctant, to attack Syria, yet now (8/28) the US expresses urgency about launching an attack, if necessary over Russian objections and without UN authorization, although even IF such an attack were not otherwise objectionable, I’m not aware of any rationale for measuring its urgency in days. Why is the US in such a hurry?



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