February 2013 Archive

Joe Nocera

James Hansen Slams Joe Nocera For Failure To ‘Understand Basic Economics’ And Selective Quotation

By Joe Romm: You might think an A-list business reporter for the NY Times would know basic economics. But not in the case of Joe Nocera.


Mass Incarceration and the New Jim Crow

By John Light: In the latest installment of his excellent New York Times series, Time and Punishment, John Tierney writes that mass incarceration trends...

Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel, Strategic Thinker

By Michael Hirsh: It looks awfully likely that Chuck Hagel will squeak through confirmation as President Obama's Defense secretary.

Rafael Correa

The NYT’s Problem With Leftist Presidents

By Peter Hart: Left-wing Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa was poised to win re-election on Sunday. Give that fact,  the New York Times went with a peculiar headline for ...

President Obama Keystone XL Pipeline

Are Dumb Foreign Policies Holding Us Back On Addressing Climate Change?

By Megan Iorio: During his second inaugural address, President Obama promised to move the US forward on addressing climate change. So you'd think that rejecting the ...