February 2013 Archive

Deceptive Numbers

Using Deceptive Numbers on Health Care in the NYT

By Dean Baker: It is really easy and apparently fun for some people to use scary numbers about health care costs. The trick is to take ...

Breezey Point

‘NYT’ Says Irish Ethnic Solidarity is Problematic

By Philip Weiss: NYT has an article saying that ethnic solidarity across nations is problematic.

Work Life Balance signpost

Are Better Work-Life Policies the Key to Gender Equality?

By Maya: The always-brilliant Stephanie Coontz thinks so. In an op-ed in the New York Times this weekend, she argues that gender equality in the US has stalled ...

Japanese Yen

NYT Finds Economists Without Names to Criticize Japan’s Plans for Stimulus and Promote “Free-Trade” Agreement

By Dean Baker: Most economists have names, but the NYT managed to find some without names to give critical comments on the stimulus plans of Japan's ...