February 2013 Archive

Drone Protest Pakistan

The Hubris of the Drones

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Last week, The New York Times published a chilling account of how indiscriminate killing in war remains bad policy even today.


Currency Values Are Not Determined by the Market When Central Banks Buy Currencies

By Dean Baker: A NYT piece reported on concerns by the French government and others over the rising value of the euro. They were concerned that a higher ...

Consumer Protection

Obama and Regulations: The Blood Spat President

By Norman Pollack: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides a window into the Obama mindset, as though hurtling down a laundary chute to the bowels of ...

Brennan and Drones

Drone Hearings Prompt New York Times to Question Broad Use of “National Security” to Silence Press

By Zach Dyer: Last week, confirmation hearings for President Obama’s pick to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, reopened debate over the media’s role in balancing national ...