February 2013 Archive


It’s All of Us Against the Left-Wing Nuts!

By Marie Burns: Very often in reading the New York Times op-ed page, one learns more from the comments on a column than from the Times ...

Chile student protests

Freire or Friedman? In Defense of Critical Education

By Sajjad Ali Malik: Education is a concept that we confront every day in some way, shape or form, directly or indirectly.

California protest to tax the rich

Quelle Surprise! New York Times Takes Up Empty Threats by Rich Over Taxes

By Yves Smith: With Gerard Depardieu giving up his French passport to escape the French taxman, it’s fashionable for other rich folks to threaten to move ...

Drone Pilots

Brennan’s Bumbling Case for Terror War

By Melvin A. Goodman: In the New York Times, veteran intelligence writers Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane described Thursday’s confirmation hearing for John Brennan as “notably aggressive”...

Zero Dark Thirty

Again with the Zero Dark Thirty Campaign!

By Bob Somerby: We refer to the Oscar report on the front page of today’s New York Times. It concerns the lobbying efforts surrounding the Oscar broadcast.

NYT Building

The New York Times Now Gets More Revenue From Subscribers Than Advertisers

By Agence France Presse: The New York Times Company said Thursday that its revenue from readers and subscribers overtook that of advertising for the first time in ...

Iran in the Crosshairs

Iran Stalling for Time?

From Eugene Schulman: Sir, I find it disingenuous, if not outright chutzpah, for Michael Singh to ask the US government to not let Iran stall for time...