Greece and Weimar

September 20, 2013   ·   2 Comments


By Costas Panayotakis: The economic crisis, political and economic polarization, and the meteoric rise of the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party...

Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff Tries to Protect The Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

By Daniel Warner: The crisis in Syria reflects several failures. Among them are the reluctance of the International Committee of the Red Cross to forcefully denounce ...


Between a Rock and a Hard Page

By Daniel Mathews: The recent implosion of the WikiLeaks Party was a sad affair. A fledgling political party in the Australian elections, potentially poised to pick up a substantial number of disaffected votes, Beppe Grillo style...

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks to media after briefing Security Council on U.N. chemical weapons report on use of chemical weapons by Syrian Arabic Republic at the United Nations in New York

UN Report Confirms Sarin Attack

By Michael M'Gehee: The United Nations has released their report on the investigation into the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria on August 21, 2013.

Noam Chomsky

‘All The News That’s Not Fit To Print’

By Noam Chomsky: The NY Times can claim, correctly, that it is the most informative newspaper in the world. It is therefore interesting to look at what it ...

Assad on Russian TV

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Admission, Another Canard?

By Mike Munk: Looks like the "first time Syria has admitted it has chemical weapons” has become another canard widely circulated...

Bill Keller

Bill Keller’s Call for Open Minds is Closed Minded

By Daniel Warner: “I hope that Congress can elicit from the president this week a clear and candid statement of America’s vital interests in Syria, and ...

Obama at AIPAC

Be Careful What You Wish For

By Murray Polner: As the saying goes, there’s an “800- pound gorilla” now in the “Will We or Won’t We Bomb Syria” mix.  The congressional vote ...


As With Iraq, New York Times Propagates Demonstrable Lies About Syrian WMDs

By Jeremy R. Hammond: A headline in the New York Times yesterday stated as fact that “With the World Watching, Syria Amassed Nerve Gas”.  The lead paragraph asserted that “Syria’s ...


German Intelligence Report on Syrian Chemical Weapons & American Self-Censorship

By Michael M'Gehee: It has been twenty four hours since various news outlets around the world reported a German intelligence report claiming that...

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