Bill Keller Doesn’t Understand Junior High School Civics

March 4, 2013   ·   5 Comments

"The Nine Rooms Of Happiness" Book Party

By Marie Burns: In his column in today's New York Times, former Times executive editor Bill Keller takes a first-class seat on the Village Express to ...


How to Turn an Apology into a Presidential Indictment

By Marie Burns: New York Times columnist David Brooks begins today's column with a half-baked apology for his last column:  In Friday's column, I wrote that the ...


White House Slams Brooks

By Marie Burns: David Brooks of the New York Times seldom lets facts get in the way of his opinions. It is not all that surprising ...


Deficit Hawks Reboot

By Marie Burns: The Very Serious People have just launched a very serious reboot. How do I know? Tom Friedman has altered the central premise of ...


No, Not All the News That’s Fit to Print

By Marie Burns: Two stories by David Corn of Mother Jones demonstrate the limitations of the New York Times' journalistic standards. At about 3 am yesterday, ...


It’s All of Us Against the Left-Wing Nuts!

By Marie Burns: Very often in reading the New York Times op-ed page, one learns more from the comments on a column than from the Times ...


How the New York Times Legitimizes the Stupid Party

By Marie Burns: In a straight news report appearing on page A-12 of today's New York Times, Jeff Zeleny and Jonathan Weisman explore Republican efforts “to ...


David Brooks, in Defense of Doing Nothing

By Marie Burns: Like most conservatives, New York Times columnist David Brooks cannot hold two opposing ideas in his mind at the same time. In fact, ...


NYT Columnist Does Not Read NYT — or Much Else

By Marie Burns: “Everyone agrees that federal spending must be drastically cut. But there is an alternative: raising more money from all taxpayers, including the middle ...


Tom Friedman Is Still Wrong — Paul Krugman

By Marie Burns: As I wrote in my last NYTX column, way back in 1998 and before Paul Krugman had a gig of his own at the New York Times, he wrote a scathing review of a book by Times columnist Tom Friedman.

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