New York Times Employees Display Unity at Page One Meeting

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Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson heads for the daily Page One meeting on Feb. 29 as hundreds of journalists and other Guild-represented employees line the hall to silently protest a company proposal to cut their benefits.

By NYT eXaminer:

New York Times’ employees lined the hallways of yesterday’s Page One meeting forcing Times’ Editors to walk through their silent protest.

Times’ employees were protesting the ongoing contract negotiations with the newspaper’s management.

According to, Newspaper Guild members at The Times received this notice on Tuesday:

Please join us at 3:50 p.m. on Wednesday for a quiet, 10-minute display of unity, around the entrances to the Page One meeting room on the third floor.

The point is to show our common dismay over contract negotiations in which management seems determined to seriously compromise our financial welfare, our access to health care and our security in retirement. We hope that senior editors who witness and understand our mutual resolve will convey the gravity of the situation to management.

Times’ employees expressed their “common dismay over contract negotiations” last December in an “Open Letter to Arthur Sulzberger Jr.” and that is signed by almost 600 Times’ staff members.

NYT eXaminer spoke with Grant Glickson, Chair of the Newspaper Guild New York Times bargaining unit, in January. Glickson then explained that Guild members were unhappy with the $15 million severance package that The Times gave outgoing CEO Janet Robinson:

When the number of four-and-a-half million came out people kind of accepted it. She is a CEO and it is understandable, I think, that she would receive that kind of severance. But when she received the extra ten-and-a-half million to buyout her pension, that is when it really hit a nerve here in the newsroom and throughout the membership because this is a time when they are asking members to freeze their  pension and they asked our foreign citizens in oversees bureaus to freeze theirs too. So people really were upset by those two facts.

A recent “Save Our Times” flyer presents readers with an image and text explaining that “$21 Million / 1,100 Members = Fair Contract.”

Glickson told NYTX that the Guild contract expired in March of last year.

“We are still operating under the current terms of the contract. We have an Evergreen Clause [which requires old union contracts to remain in force until new agreements are reached] that is part of our contract, so we are still going by the terms of the contract that we previously had,” he said.

NYTX is following Times workers’ struggles as they develop.

For more information about Times’ employees and management see NYTX’s related database.


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