Open Letter to Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

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Source: Save Our Times

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

By The Newspaper Guild of New York:

Dear Arthur:

We, the Guild leadership and many reporters, editors, account managers and other Times employees, Guild members and otherwise, are writing to express profound dismay at several recent developments.

Our foreign citizen employees in overseas bureaus have just had their pensions frozen with only a week’s warning. Some of these people have risked their lives so that we can do our jobs. A couple have even lost them. Many have spent their entire careers at the Times — indeed, some have letters from your father explaining the pension system — and deserve better treatment.

At the same time, your negotiators have demanded a freeze of our pension plan and an end to our independent health insurance.

We ask you to withdraw these demands so that negotiations on a new contract can proceed fruitfully and expeditiously. We also urge you to reconsider the decision to eliminate the pensions of the foreign employees.

We have worked long and hard for this company and have given up pay to keep it solvent. Some of us have risked our lives for it. You have eloquently recognized and paid moving tribute to our work and devotion. The deep disconnect between those words and the demands of your negotiators have given rise to a sense of betrayal.

One of our colleagues in senior management recently announced her retirement from the paper, which is reported to include a very generous severance and retirement package, including full pension benefits.

All of us who work at the Times deserve to have a secured retirement; this should not be a privilege cynically reserved to senior management. We strongly urge you to keep faith with your words and our shared mission of putting out the best newspaper in the world.


1. Bill O’Meara, Newspaper Guild President

2. Peter Szekely, Guild Secretary-Treasurer

3. Grant Glickson, Unit Chair

4. Reed Abelson, Reporter

5. David Alinkofsky, Staff Assistant

6. Lizette Alvarez

7. Peter Applebome,

8. Crystal Arroyo, News Assistant

9. Jessica Bagdorf

10. Charles Bagli, Reporter

11. Vikas Bajaj, Foreign Correspondent

12. Zena Barakat, Video Journalist

13. Walter Baranger, Assistant to the Editor

14. Dan Barry, Columnist

15. David Barstow, Reporter

16. Barry Bearak, Reporter

17. Howard Beck

18. Ginia Bellafante, Columnist

19. Pam Belluck

20. Stephen Berman

21. Ariane Bernard, Senior Producer

22. Tara Siegel Bernard, Reporter

23. Nina Bernstein

24. Jan Białek

25. Peter Blair, Staff Editor

26. Kassie Bracken, Video Journalist

27. William Broad

28. George Bronner

29. Joshua Brustein

30. Herbert Buchsbaum, Editor, Foreign Desk

31. Cara Buckley, Reporter

32. Diane Cardwell, Reporter

33. Benedict Carey

34. Bill Carter, Media Reporter

35. Tony Cenicola, Photographer

36. Kenneth Chang, Science Reporter

37. Thomas Coffey, Staff Editor

38. Alison Colby, Production Manager

39. Phyllis Collazo

40. Michael Cooper, National Correspondent

41. Ray Cormier, Staff Editor

42. Kelly Couturier, Web Producer

43. Manohla Dargis, Co-chief Film Critic

44. Jessey Dearing

45. Suzanne DeChillo, Photographer

46. Shaila Dewan, Reporter

47. Kelly Doe, Art Director

48. Jake Doherty, Staff Editor

49. Cate Doty, Home Page Producer

50. Lillie Dremeaux,

51. Christopher Drew

52. David W. Dunlap, Reporter

53. Jim Dwyer, Columnist

54. Erik Eckholm, Domestic Correspondent

55. Bettina Edelstein, Assistant to the Editor

56. James Estrin, Photographer

57. Celina Fang, Photo Producer

58. Sean Patrick Farrell, Video Journalist

59. Charles Fleishman

60. Lisa Foderaro, Reporter

61. Henry Fountain, Reporter

62. Margalit Fox, Reporter

63. John C. Freed, Staff Editor

64. Louis Gambarini, Security

65. Caryn Gelsomino

66. Catherine Gilmore-Barnes, Art Director

67. William Glaberson, Reporter

68. James Glanz, Investigative Reporter

69. Sheila Glaser, Staff Editor

70. Daniel Gold, Staff Editor

71. Francisco Gonzalez, COF CSR

72. Laurie Goodstein, National Correspondent

73. Elissa Gootman, Reporter

74. Denise Grady, Reporter

75. Laurel Graeber, Assistant Desk Head, Culture

76. Penelope Green, Reporter

77. Steven Greenhouse

78. Jane Gross, Retired correspondent and blogger

79. Karen Grzelewski

80. Susan Guerrero, Staff Editor

81. Pat Gurosky

82. Elena Gustines, Staff Assistant

83. Eileen M.Guzmich, Compiler

84. Clyde Haberman, Columnist

85. Gregory Hagan

86. David Halbfinger, Reporter

87. Nakyung Han

88. Chris Harcum, News Assistant

89. Amy Harmon, National Correspondent

90. John Harney

91. Rob Harris, Staff Video Journalist

92. Anemona Hartocollis, Metro Reporter

93. Christine Haughney, Metro Reporter

94. Karin Henry, Staff Editor

95. David Herszenhorn, Foreign Correspondent

96. Dennis Hevesi

97. Jan Hoffman

98. Rodrigo Honeywell, Art Director

99. Hilary Howard

100. John Hyland, Editor

101. Andrew Jacobs, Reporter

102. Paul Jean, Art Director

103. Gabe Johnson

104. Leslie Kaufman, Reporter

105. Randy Kennedy, Culture Reporter

106. Ned Kilkelly, Staff Editor

107. David Kocieniewski

108. Michael Kolomatsky, Web Producer

109. Niko Koppel, Photo Editor

110. Sara Krulwich

111. John Kurdewan, Art Production

112. Joyce Laskowski, Staff Editor

113. Chris Lee, News Assistant

114. Deborah Leiderman

115. Anne Leigh, Art Director

116. John Leland, Reporter

117. Michael Leone, Staff artist

118. Rita Levine, News Assistant

119. Tamar Lewin, Domestic Correspondent

120. Michael Lewis, Staff Editor

121. Thomas Lin, Senior Producer, Science

122. Elias Lopez, Staff Editor

123. Michael Luo, Reporter

124. Jim Luttrell, Senior web producer

125. Anne Mancuso

126. John Markoff, Senior Writer

127. Andrew Martin, Reporter

128. Jennifer Mascia, Editorial Assistant

129. Mindy Matthews, Copy Editor

130. Kristie McClain

131. Carmel McCoubrey, Staff Editor

132. Brent McDonald, Video Journalist

133. Patrick McGeehan

134. Donald G McNeil Jr, Reporter Science News

135. Jigar Mehta

136. Julia Moskin, Reporter

137. Michael Moss

138. Jad Mouawad, Reporter

139. Ozier Muhammad, Staff Photographer

140. Ronnie Munder, Ret./ADV. ACC’T. MGR.

141. Howell Murray, Staff Editor

142. Steven Lee Myers, Diplomatic Correspondent, Washington

143. Eric Nagourney, Staff Editor

144. Anthony Napoli, Customer Service Representative

145. Mireya Navarro, Environment reporter

146. William Neuman, Reporter

147. Andy Newman, City Room Bureau Chief

148. Adam Nossiter, Foreign Correspondent

149. Frank O’Connell

150. Erik Olsen,

151. Joan O’Neill

152. Nori Onishi

153. Matthew Orr, Video Journalist

154. Sharon Otterman, Reporter

155. Dennis Overbye, Science Correspondent

156. Mark Pargas

157. Richard Perez-Pena, Reporter

158. Natasha Perkel

159. Richard Perry, Photographer

160. Jeremy Peters, Reporter

161. Anick Pleven, Magazine Production editor

162. Robin Pogrebin, Reporter

163. Michael Pollak

164. Eduardo Porter

165. Justin Porter

166. Michael Powell, Reporter

167. Missy Prebula, Foreign/National desk

168. Julia Preston, National Correspondent

169. Rosalie Radomsky, News Assistant/Writer

170. William Rashbaum, Reporter

171. Claiborne Ray, deputy obituary editor (retired)

172. Lisanne Renner, Staff Editor

173. Motoko Rich, Reporter

174. Clay Risen, Staff Editor

175. Liz Robbins, Reporter

176. Campbell Robertson,

177. Librado Romero, Staff Photographer

178. Michael Roston

179. Emily Rueb, Senior Producer

180. Eric Russ, Photo Editor

181. Karl Russell, Graphics Editor

182. Angela Rutherford, Design Manager

183. Justin Sablich, Senior Producer

184. Kevin Sack, Reporter

185. Richard Sandomir, Reporter

186. Susan Saulny, National Reporter

187. Cornelius Schmid

188. Douglas Schorzman, Assistant Foreign Editor

189. Katherine Schulten, Senior Producer

190. John Schwartz

191. Mosi Secret, Reporter

192. Lew Serviss

193. Daniel Slotnik

194. Sheryl Stolberg, Washington correspondent

195. Darrell Stout, Communication Sales Consultant

196. Hiroko Tabuchi, Tokyo Correspondent

197. John Tagliabue, Retiree

198. Nadia Taha, Web Producer

199. Sabrina Tavernise

200. Teresa Taylor

201. Oriana Tejada, Telesales Rep

202. Judy Tong, Web Producer

203. Vivian Toy, Reporter

204. M. Amedeo Tumolillo, Producer

205. Don Van Natta

206. Helen Verongos, Staff Editor

207. Victoria Vila, Former Staff Editor at the Times

208. Carol Vogel, Culture Reporter

209. Daniel Wakin, Reporter

210. Matthew Wald, Reporter

211. Joyce Wadler, Reporter

212. Nancy Wartik, Community Moderator

213. Bruce Weber, Reporter

214. Curtis White

215. LeAnn Wilcox

216. Kathleen Wilmore

217. Damon Winter, Staff Photographer

218. Milton Wrigley, Security Officer

219. Flora Zhang, Web Producer


(List in formation and updated regularly)


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