Julian Assange on The New York Times: Part 5

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Source: NYTX

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A multipart interview with WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange focusing on his experience collaborating with the New York Times. Produced for NYT eXaminer (NYTX).

NYTX Editor Chris Spannos interviewed Julian Assange on September 26, 2011.

In this segment Julian talks about Cablegate, and how the Guardian newspaper handed the cables over to the New York Times, how the Times did their own form of redaction to the cables and with destructive results, how the Guardian released the complete cables and, with help from the Times, blamed WikiLeaks.

Length: 21 min. 45 sec.

More information about topics discussed in this interview segment can be found below:

- WikiLeaks' Cablegate:

- "Iran Fortifies Its Arsenal With the Aid of North Korea" by By William J. Broad, James Glanz and David E. Sanger:

About this series:

Within the entirety of this interview Julian talks about partnering with the Times to release the Afghan and Iraq War Logs, the Times treatment of Cablegate, Bradley Manning, the Pentagon Papers, WikiLeaks, and much more. The complete interview ran approximately 90 minutes.

NYTX has been publishing segments of our interview with Julian Assange over the months of October, November, December, and January 2012.
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