Julian Assange on The New York Times: Part 1

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Source: NYTX

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A multipart interview with WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange focusing on his experience working with the New York Times. Produced for NYT eXaminer (NYTX).

NYTX Editor Chris Spannos interviewed Julian Assange on September 26, 2011.

Within the entirety of this interview Julian talks about partnering with the Times to release the Afghan and Iraq War Logs, the Times treatment of Cablegate, Bradley Manning, the Pentagon Papers, WikiLeaks, and much more. The complete interview ran approximately 90 minutes.

NYTX will publish one part per week spanning the months of October and November. We will also run commentary and analysis over this period from various media analysts for the purpose of gaining greater understanding about mainstream media today. These accompanying articles will be linked below as they arrive.

In Part 1 above Julian discusses his early thinking about the Times and also how the Times reacted to some of WikiLeaks' initial work.

Length: 6 min. 11 sec.

NYTX has linked resources below for further reference to topics discussed or briefly mentioned in this segment of the interview. Some of these topics will be discussed in greater detail in later segments. Others will be complied in our list of resources here.

NYT eXaminer:

More information:

  • WikiLeaks website
  • Bank Julius Baer (background).
  • For information about Bill Keller, we have just published the first of a two part article by NYTX Advisory Council member and writer Howard Friel. This first part overviews Keller's time as Executive Editor at the Times after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and his recent article, published just after his tenure as Executive Editor ended, attempting to take back his post-9/11 support for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The coming second portion of Friel's article will focus on Keller on Wikileaks and Julian Asaange.

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